Buhari helps Osinbajo consolidate hold on Presidency

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The Acting President, Yemi Osinbajo has gotten help from his boss, ailing President Muhammad Buhari as regards wielding the awesome powers of the Presidency in totality.

According to a report from The Nation, several ministers and aides had tried to circumvent the constitution and chain of command by flying to London to get the ailing President to endorse important documents, however Buhari is said to have rebuffed them, instructing instead that such matters be handled by his deputy, Osinbajo.

According to the Nation: “Despite the fact that he is fast recuperating, the President has tried as much as possible to stick to one presidency.

“He has refused to see some government officials who went to London to see him instead of being at their desks to work. He also returned all files and documents to those who brought them to London.

“The President gave stern instructions that all files, documents and issues needing decisions should be taken to the Acting President. He does not want a divided government. Buhari is living up to his Spartan discipline.

“He has restricted audience to two or three personal aides with him in London. This is why there are no leaks associated with his first medical trip this time around.”

The source added: “Those involved in taking files and documents to London had their ego deflated. Since their return from the various shuttles, they have been trying to curry the favour of the Acting President or cooperate with him. They did not know that intelligence report had exposed their antics.

“And the truth is that the President has been speaking with the Acting President.”

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