Buhari may be suffering from cancer – Guardian UK


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In a new report found on British tabloid, The Guardian, speculation is rife that President Muhammadu Buhari might be suffering from cancer.

The President was on hand to welcome British Prime Minister Theresa May in Abuja which was also host to Rabiu Kwankwaso’s declaration for Presidency.

The Guardian put up a report which critically looked at Buhari and the state of disillusionment that many Nigerians are facing at the moment.

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The article mentioned that while May’s visit to Nigeria has been one of celebration and she has been greeted with song and dance, Buhari, in contrast, has kept a low profile.

The report speculated that Buhari’s trip to the United Kingdom in 2017 was to treat an ailment thought to be cancer.

The report said: “The septuagenarian president spent three months in London in 2017 on sick leave with an unknown illness thought to be cancer. He was not seen for two months and his aides refused to say what was wrong with him. His deputy, Yemi Osinbajo, ran the country in his absence.”

The Guardian also noted that during his visit to the United States, he “read his speech from a piece of paper, hardly raising his eyes and appearing frail in stark contrast with Trump’s energetic bombast.”

The President has only recently returned from a 10-day trip to the UK which was called a ‘vacation’, but many believe it was a medical visit.

The President is set to run again next year, but with the political turmoil and the spate of defections that have occurred recently, there’s some suspicion that Buhari might be facing the end of his reign.

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