Buhari Second Wife: Aisha allegedly to lose her Position as the First Lady

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“Sadia, the Esther of our time or the Jezebel?”

“Indications point to the fact that Cabals have been grooming Hajia Sadia Urmar Farouq to take over the position of the First Lady of Nigeria.”


Buhari Marry Second Wife
Hajia Sadia Umar Farouq is set to marry Buhari on Firday


Buhari’s intention to marry a second wife on Friday will allegedly cost Aisha Buhari her Crown as the First Lady of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Recall that The Herald reported that President Muhammadu Buhari will allegedly be marrying Sadia Umar Farouk Sadia, a skilled Masseuse who helps to take the stress of Nigeria, off President Buhari’s shoulders, in a very private ceremony tomorrow according to multiple sources in Aso Rock.

Indications point to the fact that Cabals have been grooming Hajia Sadia Urmar Farouq to take over the position of the First Lady of Nigeria.

According to a source who chose to remain anonymous, told PointBlankNews that Cabals do not trust Aisha Buhari as they do not know if her loyalty really lies with the President. Their suspicions were confirmed after the explosive interview with British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

Buhari marry second wife


The Herald reported, quoting PointBlankNews that the Cabals have been pushing to get President Buhari married to a second wife since 2015 when he became president.

The report also gathered that the cabals never liked the current first lady, Aisha Buhari. According to them,  she is a mere Adamawa woman who is not from the core Muslim states of the North West, whereas Sadia is from Zamfara State.

Report further stated that Sadia, who was the choice of the Cabals, was tipped for Ministerial position, an effort to get her closer to the president and also to help her acquire experiences to help her in her duties as the future first lady. She was, however, dropped from the Ministerial list due to her lack of relevant experience.

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She was the tipped a second time for a ministerial appointment by the Cabals after the 2019 presidential elections.

Pointblanknews source confirmed that Aisha fought her way through to keep the President from Sadia, confrontation over confrontation which yielded no good result.

“She has not been happy with the way she has been treated after all these years with the President. She has been fighting off the attempt by the cabal to have Baba marry Sadia but doesn’t seem to be succeeding. She left to stay in London after her last attempt to have the lady’s name removed as Minister failed,” the source said.


See some reactions from Nigerians;

@adeyanju tweeted:

I just heard the president is getting married on Friday.

@olumikemfr tweeted:

Prior to the 2015 elections, Tinubu allegedly went to Aisha Buhari to atleast try to make up for past times and play the role of the first lady. They were already seprated before, she tried her best Buhari had lady issues and 99+ problems.

@j_odoeze tweeted:

Everything is just supporting Nnamdi Keanu’s “Jubril el Sudani”. A second one to Jubril, best way to set Aisha free. These canals are not even hiding anything anymore…We are just daft as a people. No we are not daft. We are STUPID. Lol

@HenryDurojaiye tweeted:

This cabal ruling us are actually so strong. To push Aisha aside and make Buhari marry Sadia is worth commending

@oprosper tweeted:

As Aisha no gree make him chop her work again nko? “man must wak” please let him find another.

@rizzza tweeted:

This is Jubril getting Married again under our korokoro eyes yet we pretend not to see..

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