Buhari swimming in arrogance of failure, I’m fed up talking about him – Ayo Adebanjo


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Leader of Afenifere, Chief Ayo Adebanjo says he is fed up talking about the failures of Muhammadu Buhari administration, noting that the president enjoys “swimming in the arrogance of failure”.

Adebanjo said that all the campaign promises made by Buhari in 2015 and 2019 have remained unfulfilled.

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He described the incumbent administration as “confounded, confused, directionless”.

“In normal climes, there would have been a revolution for President Muhammadu Buhari to vacate office immediately. Buhari has proved to be incompetent on the main reason for which he was elected – to save lives and property. Simple!

“Is there any day now in the last three months that people are not killed in one form or the other? Hundreds, if not thousands, are kidnapped every day. The Niger State governor told us about a year ago that about two local governments in his state have been taken over by Boko Haram. We have not heard any report that they have recovered those places. Instead the crisis has increased. Borno State said the same thing. Violence has increased.

“Here is a man who promised us that within six months, he will get rid of Boko Haram. And now, after almost seven years, insecurity is getting worse. And he still has the effrontery, all the governors said give us state police so that we will be able to take care of this situation, all of them, including the Governor of Katsina, his home state, yet Buhari is saying that he does not believe in State police.

“That is not democracy. Is it what you believe in or what the people want? What you believe in has proved to be complete failure.

“Should we continue to go along a course that will lead us to nowhere?

“He has done enough damage.

“And he is still swimming in the arrogance of failure. Don’t let me talk about this man. I am fed up.

“What am I saying that you don’t know? Right now, you cannot get petrol. It is after bandits have killed people in an area that Buhari will say, I will beef up security. Every day in the past seven years, it is the same refrain, I will beef up security.

“They even invaded the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA), our training ground for soldiers, easily. That shows how bad things are security-wise.

“If he cannot take care of internal insurrection, how then can he cope if there is foreign invasion? We are not safe. If any of our neighbours should attack us, are we sure we will win when we cannot take care of internal security?” he told TheNiche.

He said that Nigeria’s problems started when the country jettisoned the 1960 Constitution.

“We abandoned the Constitution under which we agreed to stay together at independence and we have been crying, let us go back to it and they say no.

“That is why you are where you are today. It is a good question you have asked. Talk about any problem you can think of in this country today and you will find out that it has to do with this Constitution. Talk about Egbesu, it is this Constitution. Talk about Biafra, it is this Constitution. Talk about Sunday Igboho, it is this Constitution. Talk about Governor Nyesom Wike going to court over Value Added Tax (VAT), it is this Constitution. Don’t let us pretend.”

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