Buhari Will Win 2019 Election – Kachikwu

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The Petroleum Minister, Ibeh Kachiwku has predicted a win for the president, Muhammadu Buhari in the next general elections slated for 2019.

The Minister of Petroleum Resources, Ibeh Kachikwu made his confidence of the president’s re-election in 2019 known while fielding questions from CNN anchor, Richard Quest, who has been in Nigeria.

The petroleum minister when asked by the CNN anchor, Quest, “Is it likely, that within another year your president or his party will be fighting in an election, and pretty much you are already in an election mode?” said: “Those of us in government are focused on getting work done; the president is probably going to win the election anyway.”

The Petroleum Minister further added that the president Muhammadu Buhari-led administration is geared towards diversification.

He further noted that the fruits of the economic diversification plan by the federal government will be made evident in the next five or seven years.

“It is realistic. Five or seven years. Petroleum led us into this problem; it has to lead us out.”

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