Buhari would never have won elections without Saraki, nPDP – Nigerians reply elRufai


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Nigerians have come out to state that contrary to reports, Buhari would never made it to Aso Rock without the help of Saraki.

This came after comments were made by Kaduna state governor, Nasir El-Rufai, in which he stated that the Senate led by Bukola Saraki, was the worst in history and that many in power in the Senate were more or less carried by the President.

El-Rufai made these statements while being interviewed on a local radio station.

He said: “We have never had a bad senate leadership like this one by Bukola Saraki. Some people whose names were mentioned among those who decamped said they never authorised it,

“We know those who cannot win elections in their homes. Many of them found themselves in the national assembly by riding on the back of Buhari. Some of them won the election because presidential and parliamentary elections held on the same day.”

Nigerians on Facebook, however, disagreed with many stating that Buhari rode on the back of Saraki and others like him into the Presidency.

For instance, a user by the name of Tunde Liasu said: “This this short man devil. How come Buhari didn’t win election from 2003 to 2011? Not until Saraki from nPDP joined them. Saraki’s party PDP has been winning since 1999 until 2015. You can say that to your fellow Fulani that many of the senators rode on the back of Buhari who could not win election by himself for 12 years till nPDP and ACN joined him”

Others called into question Buhari’s ability to win the vote of the people on his own.

Another user, MisterParker Jnr, said: “ And u forgot that the same Buhari lost election three times while those u accuse now were winning theirs in different categories. They had to win him the ticket and then the general election pls.”

Efosa Max Aimiuwu stated that Nigeria has also never had a President as bad as the current one, “Same as Nigeria has never had a bad presidency like the one led by Buhari, the worst ever in our history. What makes it lamentable is the fact that he had all the time to prepare and get ready, after contesting for four times only for us to discover his empty, brainless skull.”

Fidelis Atabo is of the opinion that Saraki’s perceived are because of the President and his inability to properly manage those below him. In a pretty lengthy comment, he said; “This is just like giving dog a bad name to kill it. The Nigeria case is a case of a Father that could not mage his family. For instance, every family has both cool and hot headed children but the parents consistently make sure that every Child is managed to have their dreams come through since they are ambassadors or represent the image of the family. 

“Saraki’s attitude is a function of PMB’s inability to manage his family (APC) objectively without bias.
If I may ask, can you disowned your child irrespective of any crime committed? I don’t think so. Failure of PMB’s inclusiveness through effective stakeholders management is the reason for the chattered and battered democracy we are having today.
Never give a dog bad name to kill it. The head of the family (father) must take total responsibility for the family brand and not the wives nor children.

“Finally, PMB is the father, Saraki and Dogara are wives and the citizens are children. The father should take responsibility and stop blaming the wives and kids for a radical/dramatic home (Nigeria).”


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