Buharinomics: Texas Based Nigerian Student Opens Go Fund Me To Pay Tuition


Even as the economic policies of President Muhammad Buhari continue to have their adverse effects on Nigerians living at home and abroad, some students have found innovative ways to bridge the financing gap they are faced with as regards their academics.

One Nigerian student, Ayodeji Odebode, based in Katy, Texas has opened up a Go fund Me to raise the balance of his tuition as his parents were unable to meet the target due to the high exchange rate of Dollar to Naira.

Ayodeji narrated on his Go Fund Me, “In 2012 I started my engineering degree at the University of Houston as an international student from Nigeria. During this time a lot has changed with the economic downturn of Nigeria and an exchange rate of about 150 naira to $1 has more than doubled to about 360 naira to $1 hitting even higher numbers along the way. With all this going on, my wonderful parents have always found a way to get the money needed for my tuition but now at the literal end of the line with only one semester and 8 credit hours to go I find myself in a very desperate situation.

“I have a remaining bill of $8000 out of the $20000 I was billed for last semester and needs to be paid off by the 16th of this month. I am therefore am not able to enroll my graduating semester of college. If I/m unable to enroll, per my F-1 status in the United States, I will become illegal here and might be sent back to my country on my last semester of the 6 years I have spent here in school. I have begged the school for some leniency after having paid well over $100000 in tuition out of pocket over the years but to no avail. This money will at least get me enrolled and then we can worry about the next phase when it comes but I just need a foot to hold the door open. After so many struggles and failures over the years to even changing my major to Mechanical Engineering Technology, there is nothing I want more in this world than to graduate.

There were times I gave up and did not think I would make it here and to think that after all that I might not be able to cross the finish line because of this really breaks my heart. So please, if my story has captivated you in any way, donate to my cause and I would be eternally grateful to you.
Thank you and God bless,” he added.

As at press time, Ayo has raised over $5000, representing over 66% of his $8000 target. To help Ayodeji circumnavigate the negative Nigerian economic fundamentals and pay his fees, go here.

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