Buhari’s govt most corrupt in history – Archbishop Chukwuma


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The Archbishop of Enugu Ecclesiastical Province and Bishop, Enugu Diocese, Anglican Communion, Most. Rev. Emmanuel Chukwuma has scored the Muhammadu Buhari administration low on the war against corruption.

Chukwuma, who is known to frequently criticise the incumbent administration, said on Monday that it was the most corrupt in the nation’s history.

He said it was fortunate that a government that was elected because of its promise to fight corruption has become more corrupt than its predecessors.

The cleric said, “When Buhari was coming in, he promised change, we embraced him, but rather than what was promised to Nigerians, what we are seeing is worse.

“Corruption has gone to a high level. There is too much embezzlement and money laundering under this government.

“Corrupt officials who are indicted and arrested are not being imprisoned, even those that were imprisoned by the last administration have been granted pardon.

“We were told about billions of recovered loot, where is it? That’s why I said the government is too corrupt. They are re-looting recovered money.”

Recall that two former governors, Joshua Dariye and Jolly Nyame, were earlier in the year granted clemency by the Buhari administration after being jailed for corruption.

Many Nigerians and civil society organisations condemned the action.


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