Buhari’s Lazy Youths Fight over Rally Allowance and Souvenirs

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Reports have emerged that thousands of youths who are supporters of President Muhammadu Buhari have clashed among themselves in the Federal Capital Territory Abuja on Tuesday.

The youths had gathered at the Eagles Square the agreed meeting point to proceed on a pro-Buhari Rally in the city.

The rally however could not hold due to the fight that broke out among the youths when the time came to share souvenirs and allowances promised to members of the youth organisation.


In videos and pictures gone viral on social media, there was disarray within the premises of Eagle Square as people could be seen running everywhere in disarray with cars obviously belonging to party officials and VIPs driving out of the premise at top speed. A building crowd struggling with themselves could be seen conspicuously in the centre of the video. In another version of the video shown on Channels Television people could be seen running while some pursued with crude weapons in hand.

Youths fighting

As 2019 approaches, the whole Nation is wary and cautious of the political atmosphere generating in the country. A lot of Nigerians are afraid of what may happen during and after the elections due to antecedents already happening.

Since taking over power in 2015, the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) has failed to provide leadership at all levels of government. There is the absence of the rule of law and a general air of lawlessness in the country.

Blood has been shed at an alarming rate under this government and while everybody knows some of the perpetrators at least, nobody is willing to do anything about it because some people seem to be above the law.

The state of the economy, coupled with Insecurity, flagrant abuse of human rights by security forces and the wails of a weak, corrupt and inept government have led to a massive brain drain on the country and a loss of favour towards the APC.


Consequentially, the administration has resorted to blame game; blaming everyone but themselves for the rot in the country, using anti-corruption agencies to hunt perceived political enemies, and simply burying its head in the stand; playing politics with people’s lives and forever comparing statistics with the last administration (Good and bad).

This incident in Abuja has highlighted a salient point in Nigerian Politics that threatens the survival of our fragile democracy; “Crowd renting” and “Vote buying”.


The country should brace up for more news like this as 2019 elections draws ever closer. Crowds will be rented, votes will be bought and violence will erupt especially if these people do not get what they are promised.


Yinusa McBrian Momoh is an enthusiastic individual who believes in the greatest good for the greatest number as well as a creative Wordsmith with interests in Management Training, Research, Content Development and Digital Marketing

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