Bullying in the Workplace can Increase Suicidal Thoughts – Study

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A recent study has confirmed that people being bullied at work are more likely to consider suicide than those who have never experienced workplace bullying.

The Norwegian Study titled Workplace Bullying and Suicidal Ideation: A 3-Wave Longitudinal examined whether exposure to workplace bullying is related to an increased risk of suicidal tendencies over time.

The study participants were 1846 employees in Norway and followed them from 2005 to 2010.

Lead study author, Morten Birkeland Nielsen said “Our study adds to the understanding of how bullying is related to thoughts about suicide by showing that the perception of being bullied at work actually is a precursor of suicidal ideation and not a consequence.”

The researchers recommended integrating bullying regulations into work-related legislation and public health policies.

The World Health Organisation estimates that one person dies by suicide every 40 seconds somewhere in the world.

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