“Burna Boy Was Not Paid To Feature In My Song, Jerusalem” – Master KG


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In an exclusive interview on Zoom with The Punch, Master KG said the main reason why Burna Boy was not paid for featuring in the remix of his song was that the original song was one of Burna Boy’s favorite which made him liaise with him to bring out the remix of the song, Jerusalem.

“I did not pay Burna Boy to feature on the remix of the song, Jerusalem. There was no paid fee for this feature to happen. The amazing thing about the song is that it was already popular.

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“According to what I heard, the song was one of his favorite songs as well. It was so easy to make it work and make the collaboration a success. So, there was no payment for the feature.”

Master KG added: “I also feel that the reason there was no money involved is that Burna Boy also loves the song and he related well with the song. It was not something he did for money instead he did it because it comes from his heart.”


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