Business Man Rapes 16 Year Old Maid


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Ibukun a 16-year-old maid who was allegedly raped and impregnated by a businessman, Mr. Adewale Fajemiroye, in the Ikorodu area of the state,  is undergoing psychological and medical treatment at a facility of the Lagos State Government.

Mr. Adewale who has a wife and family supposedly forced the 16-year-old girl to have an abortion at a clinic in Ijegun, Ikotun. Two weeks after that he apparently raped the victim again telling her he would ‘deal with her’ if she revealed this to anyone.


The maid eventually told one of her friends who then notified the policemen in Ijede and the suspect was apprehended, who had stayed with the Fajemiroyes for about two years, was said to have confided in a friend, who informed her mother.

The victim, however, was told to go back to the suspect’s house by the police.


PUNCH Metro gathered that the victim, who attends Ikorodu Junior Grammar School, stayed with the Fajemiroye’s for about two years prior to that she was living with her parents in Ilaro, Ogun State, until her aunt,  Amina,escorted her to live with the Fajemiroyes at their house on Kabiru Jokonba Street, Eruwe, Ikorodu.

The victim stated, “I started living with them in March 2016. I was given a room to stay and every morning, I prepared their children for school. My aunt, who lives in Ojuelegba, Lagos State, only checked up on me once.

The man is a businessman, while the wife works in an office. She leaves home by 5am and returns around 9pm.

Six months after I got to the house, the man called me and said he wanted to take me as his daughter and I said it was ok.

 The next day, I dressed up the children for school and prepared to leave for school as well. I was in my room when he came and started touching my body. I threw his hands away. He told me to calm down.

I asked if he wanted to kidnap me. He dragged me and hit my head against the wall. He didn’t care if I got injured. He pushed me to the bed. I had a headache because of the injury on my head. He removed my clothes. I had no more power to stop him. After he was done, he told me that if I told anybody, he would kill me and I would not go to school again. I called my aunt that day and explained to her. She promised to act, but didn’t do anything.”

From that point, the suspect raped Ibukun almost daily while the wife and children were away.

Ibukun stated that she could not tell the suspect’s wife because she had high blood pressure.

She confided in a girl who later became part of the household, The girl contacted the mother of the suspect’s wife’s  who then called the victim to verify it was true.

However, after confirming the story the wife’s mother abused her and accused her of wanting to destroy the family.

“He continued to sleep with me after the girl packed out of the house. Because of the problem, I lost concentration in school and when I did exams, I never performed well.

“One day, he called me and asked if I didn’t know that I was pregnant. I was shocked because I never noticed. He took me to a hospital along Ijegun Road where I supposed he had spoken with the doctor before our arrival.

I was given an injection and immediately, I became numbed. The doctor said I would spend two days at the hospital, but he told the doctor that I couldn’t spend up to two days because he didn’t want anybody to know. The doctor told him not to worry that I would leave that day. At a point, blood started gushing out of my private parts and a nurse injected me again. I was given about three injections. This happened on November 28, 2017,”


About two weeks later the businessman snuck into her room and raped her again while she was still in pain from the abortion. She told a friend at school, who told her mother who contacted the police.


“My friend’s mother called the police at the Ijede division. I was asked to see a policeman who listened to my story.

Last Wednesday, the man was arrested. They asked me what happened and I told them everything. However, I observed that whenever they wanted to ask him questions, they would ask me to go outside. After everything, they asked me to return to the house.

“I told my friend’s mother and she asked me to stay at her place. When the police discovered that I didn’t return to the house, they called the woman and threatened to arrest her if they discovered I stayed at her place,” she said.

A police source stated that Ibukun was brought to the agency’s office at Ikorodu by the friend’s mother.

“We took the matter to the CP’s office and the Area N Commander was called, but he claimed not to be aware. At that point, the policeman handling the case was contacted and he was told that the CP was interested in the case and it should be transferred to the command,” the source said.

THE HERALD gathered she was then taken to Mirabel Centre, Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, in Ikeja for medical tests.

The conclusion to the test is not yet published at this point.

The victim’s aunt, Aminat, was unreachable for comment.

SP Chike Oti the state Police Public Relations Officer has verified the story including that Mr. Fajemiroye has now been taken into custody.

When asked whether police has forfeited protocol trying to protect the suspect from prosecution he denied the allegations.

“A girl aged 15 was sexually abused by her supposed guardian. The girl is a relation to the suspect’s wife. The suspect has been serially having intercourse with her, unknown to the relation. The girl got pregnant and the man took her to a medical doctor for an abortion. He, however, lied that he was her father and that he wanted the abortion to save her life because she was actually in a bad situation. So, the doctor, who ordinarily would not do the abortion, did it to save her life.

He has made confessional statements to the police. But even without that, we have a prima facie case against him. It is a truism that he took the girl to a hospital. It is a truism he was the one who requested that abortion be carried out on her.

No Divisional Police Officer will ever try to bury a case of this magnitude. They all know the stance of the state Commissioner of Police, Edgal Imohimi.”

Nobody has been exonerated and until the doctor’s statements of defence was investigated no move has been made yet he added.

The Director of the OPD, Mrs. Olubukola Salami, condemned the act and stated that this case would be followed to completion.

“OPD condemns the act of child abuse in its entirety and will continue to ensure that perpetrators are brought to book. We affirm our stand with the Governor of Lagos State, Akinwunmi Ambode, that there will be no room for offenders in the state,” she added.

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