Cancer: Nigerian Women Should Regularly Undergo Screening – Doctor


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The Executive Secretary, Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy (CECP), Dr. Abia Nzelu has urged Nigerian women to regularly check their breasts and cervix so as to quickly detect any signs of breast cancer and cervical cancer.

During an event held at the Media Centre, News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), Nzelu also called on stakeholders to fund the acquisition of Mobile Cancer Centres (MCCs) to facilitate cancer prevention through screening and early treatment at the grassroots.

She said “Women should watch lump in breasts; change in breast size or shape; fluid other than breast milk from breasts; bloody nipple discharge and peeling or redness of breasts skin as symptoms of cancer and persistent pain in breasts.”

She explained that women from 35 years, who have family history of breast cancer, should go for screening once a year while those without family history should start going for breast cancer screening at age 40.

She encouraged women to regularly perform breast self-examination a week before their period so that if lumps are detected, appropriate action will be taken.

She also listed hormonal discharge; odour; pain; itching; irregular vagina discharge; tiredness and waist pain as symptoms of cervical cancer.

She described cervical cancer as the second most common cancer in Nigeria and easiest to prevent.

She said “It kills more in 24 to 35-year-old women in developing countries than any other cancer screened.”

She urged women 18 years to go for cervical screening once yearly, adding that it takes two years for cervical cancer to fully develop.

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