Caramel Plug Breaks Silence on Domestic Abuse Allegations

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Caramel Plug, a popular social media personality, has recently addressed the allegations that have been circulating about her. In an official statement released by her and her legal team, she revealed that she has not been and will never be a victim of domestic abuse inflicted upon her by her partner, Manny.

The controversy surrounding Caramel intensified after a heated dispute between her and another Instagram influencer, Shalom, who is commonly known as Mummy’slittlegirl. Reports suggest that their disagreement stemmed from rumors about Shalom allegedly being involved with Caramel’s partner.

The disagreement quickly spilled onto social media platforms, with Caramel expressing her frustrations on Snapchat and indirectly accusing Shalom of the alleged infidelity. Although she did not explicitly mention names, many Nigerians believed the insults were directed towards Shalom. Caramel even went as far as questioning Shalom’s parenting skills in relation to her own child.

Caramel Plug and Shalom

Caramel faced backlash from the Nigerian online community, as they criticized her for taking a strong stance against fighting for a man while engaging in a public spat about her partner. People found her actions contradictory, leading to further scrutiny.

In response to the allegations and public backlash, Caramel Plug and her legal team have issued a warning and sought to clarify the situation regarding the alleged domestic abuse. They stated that Caramel and her boyfriend, who happens to be Burna Boy’s personal assistant, have been in a loving relationship for over two years.

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