Cardi B Crowned Billboard’s Woman Of The Year

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American singer, Cardi b has been crowned as Billboard’s woman of the year 2020.

For the feature, she sat down for a Skype interview with Billboard‘s hip-hop editor about her controversial collaboration song “WAP,” her business acumen and her feelings on politics.

During the interview, she spoke about the importance of understanding your worth as a figure and brand. “A lot of these companies, they want to give you a couple million dollars to represent them, and it’s like, OK, but what am I really getting out of it?,

“If 1% of my followers buy your product, you’re going to make triple what you’re paying me. I’m making sure I’m not selling myself short.”

While reacting to the backlash she received from her WAP collaboration with Meghan Thee Stallion, Cardi b said: “So many Republicans…[like Ben] Shapiro, Candace Owens, Tomi Lahren were talking so much crap about “WAP,”

She went on to talk about why she’s so unbothered by attacks from political commentators. She said: “The things that they say don’t make sense. A lot of things they be defending, it’s not something you need to be defending. It’s wrong.”

She also spoke about her support for the Black Lives Matter movement and discussed the push for social justice that swept the United States this year.

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“People didn’t go looting because Trump was president — they went looting because there’s a lot of Black men getting killed unjustly,” Cardi b told the magazine.

“A lot of Republicans think that we hate the police. Personally, there was a point when I did hate the cops because I had really bad experiences growing up with the cops, but I also met cops that are really good people and have really good hearts. I just feel like we need to hire more people like that.”

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