Cardi B Decides To File For Nigerian Citizenship


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American rapper, Cardi B has decided to become a Nigerian Citizen due to rumors of a possible war brewing between America and Iran which has been sparked after the United States launched an attack that killed a top Iranian military leader.

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On Thursday, President Donald Trump confirmed that he had authorized a military strike at the Baghdad, Iraq, airport that killed Major-General Qassem Soleimani, who was seen as the second most powerful man in Iran.

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Many people have urged the Iranian Government to take revenge on the unruly actions of the US government.

This could possibly lead to war between the two countries.

Cardi B took to her twitter page to make an announcement concerning the situation.

Cardi B said, “Naaaaa these memes are fuckin but shit ain’t no joke ! Specially being from New York .Its sad this man is putting Americans live in danger.Dumbest move Trump did till date …I’m filing for my Nigerian citizenship. ”


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