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A Newborn May Be Cured of HIV. Is the End of AIDS Near?

Researchers say a newborn baby born with HIV has been functionally cured

Self-Sabotage: Why Cancer Vaccines Don’t Work

A vaccine that thwarts cancer cells has so far proved to be better in

Apple won’t be introducing wireless charging this year

A report from DigiTimes states that industry sources have said Apple is going

Amazing: Man Has 75 Percent of His Skull Replaced By 3D-Printed Replica

A man has had the first ever 3D-printed skull-replacement fitted, swapping out

Microsoft fined $733 million by EU

The European Union has fined Microsoft Corp. $731 million for breaking its

Apple to release iPhone 5S in July

The new Apple iPhone 5S will look more or less the same

Samsung Galaxy S4 features eye tracking to scroll pages

Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S 4 will utilize eye-tracking technology that enables users

Samsung Galaxy S4 to launch in 6 models

Samsung has announced that it will unveil the Galaxy S4 smartphone in

Polaroid to make Socialmatic Camera which will take and print Instagram pictures

Instagram fans who want more instant gratification from the photo sharing service

Soccket : A Football That Lets You Generate Your Own Electricity

Portable generators just got a lot more fun with the introduction of

Amazing: Fujitsu makes ‘smart walking stick’ to help elderly

Japanese technology giant Fujitsu unveiled during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

New social network launches for dead people

A new social network has launched allowing you to create profile pages

SpaceTop: A futuristic computer interface that lets you reach inside your computer screen

A graduate student has developed a 3D computer interface that could radically

Breaking News: New Continent Discovered

The islands Reunion and Mauritius, both well-known tourist destinations, are hiding a

Amazing: Transparent Mobile Phone Developed in Taiwan

A firm based in Taiwan is hoping to crack the mobile market

Amazing: A Cell Phone With 15 Years of Battery Life

Battery problem of cell phones is always a headache for cell phone

Nigerian Yahoo Boy On FBI’s Most Wanted List Captured In Faraway Australia

He owned a hip hop record label and he lived the high

Finally, Tattoos That Let You Control Objects With Your Mind

You’ve probably heard of brain implants acting as biomedical prostheses which help

$1500 Google Glass To Debut In Late 2013

The fully-polished version of Google Glass will ship in late 2013, and

Game Of Thrones Ascent Released For Facebook

Ready your enchanted browser tabs and equip your clicking hand with your

The End Of The Keyboard (And The Pen): Groundbreaking ‘Airwriting’ Glove Lets You Write In Mid Air

A group of German researchers have unveiled a hi-tech glove that lets

Sony’s Ps4 Launch Leaves Games Fans Hanging

Sony"s much hyped PlayStation 4 event was like hosting a gala wedding

Now The Blind Can See: German Scientists Insert Microchip Into The Eyes Of Nine Blind People Helping Them To See Again.

Researchers at the Institute for Ophthalmic Research at the University of Tübingen, Germany,

HTC One Unveiled: Busts The Megapixel Myth With Ultrapixels

The HTC One is easily one of the most important devices HTC has ever

The Self-Repairing Computer That Never Crashes

Researchers in the U.K. have developed a computer that mimics the chaos

“Instead of fighting on Earth, people should be creating a joint system of asteroid defence” – Alexei Pushkov

The 55 foot wide rock, said by Nasa to have a mass

BMW recalls 30,000 X5 Jeeps for faulty brakes

BMW is recalling 30,265 X5 midsize SUVs due to a problem with

Eric Schmidt To Sell 40 Percent Stake In Google

With Google's stock hovering at record highs, Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt plans

5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Bill Gates

"I'm Bill Gates. Ask me anything." The creator of Microsoft and co-founder of

FCTA Calls For Controls On Social Media

The Federal Capital Territory Administration has called for controls on social media