Catholic Archbishop Urges Nigerians to Defend Themselves Against Bandits/Herdsmen


The Catholic Archbishop of Abuja, has urged Nigerians to defend themselves against attacks by armed herdsmen and bandits if the government fails to protect them.

Most Rev. Ignatius Kaigama also called on the government to live up to its responsibilities to avert such an occurrence. The Archbishop urged the government to do more to protect Nigerians from criminals seeking to kill and destroy them.

Archbishop Kaigama who expressed his view during a press conference to mark his 62nd Birthday, blamed the social unrest and insecurity in Nigeria on injustice. Asides from insecurity, the Archbishop also expressed views on corruption saying the government was not addressing the malaise properly.

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Archbisop Kaigama also asked the Federal Government to declare a state of emergency in the education sector, saying the entire sector needs to be overhauled.

Excerpts from his statements to the press read;

“Killing human beings is criminal. It is a grievous sin and totally ungodly. It’s so sad the way we kill in this county. It does not portray the country in good light. I am sad that the killings have not stopped. I am not sure enough is being done at all levels to bring these killings to a comprehensive stop.

“Unjust attacks call for self-defence. This is in line with theological principles. It is naivety to sit back and be killed because you’re a man of peace. We don’t encourage attacking people for no just cause but you can defend yourself. Above all, we urge dialogue and reconciliation.”

“The social cancer of corruption must give way for Nigeria to speed up her journey to join the league of developed nations. Well intentioned anti-corruption agencies, such as ICPC and EFCC, do not appear to have performed optimally, with the allegations of high-level corruption in the news. They can do better.

“We must find a way of addressing corruption. If these institutions are not serving Nigerians well, there should be a change if they are not fulfilling their mandate.

Nigeria is blessed with enormous natural and human resources. We should be very ready at critical times to provide and efficiently distribute palliatives to the poor and the needy.”

“Certainly, that is what I am asking for. There has to be total overhauling of the educational system. We must give serious consideration to future of our young ones and we cannot emphasise any better that the government should consider education as fundamental to progress, to alleviating all social problems. There should be drastic revolution and fundamental overhauling of the educational system in the country.”

“Education deserves a once of high priority, even though educating our students in the present circumstance will not be easy.

“It is good news that government is allowing the exit classes to resume and to sit for their final exams. But all precautionary measures against COVID-19 must be put in place.

I believe strongly that the needed funds could come from the generous donations received, part sacrifice of salaries lavishly used by political parties before and during elections, recovered looted’ funds, etc.

“These could be used to improve or create structures for our students in public, private and faith-based schools so that their academic life is not truncated. We cannot afford the adverse consequences of leaving our students idle for such an undetermined period of time.”


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