Nigerian Catholic priest develops vaccine for Coronavirus


Herald Nigeria just received news that a Nigerian Catholic priest, Fr. Anselm Adodo, OSB has created a herbal remedy ”CVD PLUS” for the treatment of covid-19.


Fr. Anslem, the Director of Pax Herbal Clinic and Research Laboratories in Edo State of Nigeria, revealed in a statement on the company’s page on Facebook on Thursday, 29 April, 2020.


Fr Anselm making presentation of pax herbal products to Gov. Obaseki.

The Catholic priest added that the vaccine was in response to Nigeria’s increasing demand and high expectation from the prominent laboratory to develop a drug to fight the pandemic.


Nigerian Catholic priest, Fr. Anselm noted that plant-based medications are supposedly the best methods in creating treatment for the Coronavirus disease.


The Catholic clergy added that considering that the drugs can easily be produced, stored and distributed, the plant-based drugs also can be handled by medical and non medical personnel as they pose low contamination risk.


According to the Catholic Priest, the ‘CVD PLUS’ drug is consisted of antiviral and immunodulatory agents which help to stimulate antibodies.


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Confirming the news in a recent interview, a spokesperson at the laboratory noted that the drug has been presented to the National Agency for Food and Drugs Administration Control (NAFDAC) and is still under investigations.


Prior to this report, several news and statements have circulated claiming a vaccine for the coronavirus disease has been developed, however, none of which, have presented a 100% success.


According to the NCDC, it is advisable not to consume any mixtures claiming to be a COVID-19 vaccine. There is no approved drug or vaccine for COVID-19, these substances can cause harm

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