Cee-C Apologizes For Tirade Against Tobi


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The turmoil in the Big Brother house has calmed a little as Cee-C apologized to Tobi for her tirade on Wednesday morning, CeeC had hurled insults at Tobi, calling him a dustbin, useless motherf*cker, dirt and a f*ck boy.

The incident had started when Tobi, who was in the bedroom with Miracle and Alex was getting ready for the day’s task was confronted by an irate Cee-C’s who accused Tobi of gossiping about her with other housemates and decided to challenge him face-to-face, asking him to talk right before her instead of gossiping.

This caused her a penalisation from Big Brother after they replayed the video of the fight to housemates.

Biggie announced that Cee-c had provoked Tobi with her words, even as he hailed Tobi for controlling himself by ignoring her.

However, after the whole incident, CeeC apologised to Tobi for the mean words she said to him.

She said “The insults came from somewhere. It came from the build up.

‘When I am really angry I have explosions like this that I could not hold it.

“There were times I knew I could have stopped but I felt like I needed to pass a message to you.

“Now I know there are better ways to have passed this message. I’m sure you are not used to me saying sorry but honestly, I am sorry about the words I said to you.

“I hope i become a better person and learn my lesson from the strike.”

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