More Nigerian Male Celebs Show Their Privates In Public


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As crazy as everyone thinks Denrele is, he keeps his privates’ life, well private. That is not the testimony of these other musicians who perhaps for lack of a thriving musical career have taken to displaying their manhood on social media.


It is not exactly known where the craze started from, however popular blogger, Linda Ikeji made the practice very popular by publicizing on her blog every image of the imprint of a celebrity’s penis she can find on the world wide web. The trend was fun for the blogger and her legion of female followers, but it seems some misguided Nigerian celebs have decided to join in on the fun (read stupidity).


Initially, it was the Western celebrities who were at the beginning of the trend, however, these are celebs with thousands and thousands of followers and groupies and it was a season when sending nudes was the order of the day. Kanye West, Justin Bieber, Tyson Beckford, Chris Brown and a host of other A list celebrities made the trend, well trending.


Now our own Nigerian celebrities, bereft of ideas or the exact formula for how to make a hit record or any meaningful impact have followed suit. After all, taking a photo of one’s privates part and uploading it to the internet, whilst ensuring not to violate Instagram’s no nudity policy is so simple any hapless idiot can do it.


Today it is the turn of Morachi and Solid Star to bare their penis portraits on social media. Tomorrow it may be the neighbourhood imbecile, so lets shame this trend before it becomes too late. Maybe we need more celebrities to advocate causes like “No means No!” and “Stop Domestic Abuse” rather than engaging in my hard-on is longer than yours.



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