Cellphone Video Captures Brutal Murder Of Mentally Ill Man By American Police

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Cell phone video footage of police men in San Francisco murdering a young black man, Mario Woods has sparked outrage all over the world.

In the video, the man who is reportedly mentally ill, is seen holding a knife with his back against a wall whilst a woman is heard screaming at him to drop the knife as the police officers fire off warning shots and then let off a barrage of bullets killing the suspect on the spot.

This new video has countered officers claims that they acted in self defence, although there was never any doubt in the mind of the general public that this act continues to be a chain in a series of events that have called for the re-training and re-tooling of American police officers as they continue to go on a rampage against minorities.

At the end of the tape, one of the witnesses, a young woman goes delirious in pain and shock of witnessing the horrific incident.

Victim: Mario Woods

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