Check Out Top Five High Paying Jobs With The Least Amount Of Stress


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There are many professions in the world. Some of these are tasking while others require little stress but they can both come with a fat salary.

The list below are the top five well-paying jobs that are least stressful:

pee-powered-cell-phone1. Fuel Cell Engineer: This job has an average stress level. It entails the design, evaluation, modification or constricting of fuel cell components or systems for transportation or portable application. They earn an estimated $95,240.


2. Material Scientist: This profession involves the research and study of the atomic anf molecular levels and the ways in which substances react with one another. It also involves the use of knowledge to develop new and improved products. They earn an estimated $64,940.


3. Mathematician: They conduct research in fundamental maths or in applications of mathematical techniques to science, management and other fields. They also solve problems in variable fields using mathematical methods. They earn about $112,560.


4. Geographer: These people study the nature and use of area of earth’s surface. They study the physical aspects of a region and conduct research on the partial implications of human activities within a given area. They earn $74,920.


5. Economists: The Economist studies the production and distribution of goods and services. The salary is about $109,230.

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