2 out of 3 children are not mine – cries Married man of 12 years


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Ijimakinwa Dayo who has been married for 12 years is in a state of utter confusion after he found out two of his three children are not his biological children.

According to Dayo, he noticed his wife began acting funny and was quick to run away from their matrimonial home anytime they got into arguments. She would take their children along with her too. All efforts to reach her during this period always proved abortive. She would return whenever her anger dissipated.

After the last episode, Ijimakinwa decided to question his children where their mum always took them and they told him, they were always in “Uncle’s house”. This aroused his suspicions. After he did some digging on his wife’s facebook page, he saw that she was still good friends with her ex-boyfriend. It was at this moment he noticed the striking resemblance between her wife’s Ex-boyfriend and their first child. To confirm his suspicion, he conducted a DNA test on the children without the knowledge of his wife. The test results revealed two out of the three children are not his biological children.

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He confronted his wife about it and she had nothing to say. She has since packed out of their matrimonial home, taking all three children with her.

Read Ijamakiwa’s facebook post below

The time devil settles in your home is when one gets married to a bad partner. I got married to a wrong woman about 12years ago, we had 3kids, 2 boys and a girl, our first child (a boy) is 11years old.

I have been suspecting her for some time now. We’ve been having issues recently, our families and friends have tried to help us reconcile but she kept insulting me and my family members an attitude which she developed overnight. Initially she stole from my save about a million naira and ran away from home with our kids, I started searching for her, called her people to persuade her to return home because her safety and that of the kids is more important to me and I do not want to know the reason why she stole from me. She returned with the kids and that was the beginning of it.

Her stealing habit never stopped rather she turned it into an hobby. There was a time she returned home after her usual practice, I asked the kids where their mother took them to, they said they stayed in one uncle’s house.

That was the beginning of my worries, who is this man my wife will always run to anytime she steals from me? .what was their motive,I prayed and hoped she will not kill me one day. So I decided to dig up her Facebook account and see who are mutual friends are, I tried to see if I can get the details of the man she runs to.

I picture one of her ex, believing he could be the one, but something struck me about this man, my first son has a form resemblance with him, is it possible I am not the father of our first son?, or is it just my imagination? She did the usual again and I vowed never to take her back ,families and friends tried to settle our differences but I refused, they don’t want to see things from my perspective ,they don’t seem to understand me, they kept using the kids as a bait, I accepted her again.

About 2 years ago, she packed out of the house on her own, insisting I get her an apartment for her and the kids which I did, she demanded for a shop where she will sell frozen foods, I did all she wanted, gave her monthly allowance for the kids and her self. So, I decided to take the bold step, I did DNA test for my first son, after some weeks the result came out NEGATIVE.

I almost lost it, I wasn’t myself, I called her one on one and told her about the DNA result, she wasn’t shock and she didn’t feel remorseful, I told a friend of mine who was also close to her to talk to her about the result and recorded their conversation, she said I should not think of digging too deep because I might hurt myself, already the doctor advised that I carry out DNA test on the remaining two kids, few weeks back , I got the results, our second child which is the girl is mine, but the other boy is not mine.

So painful after 12 years, I get to know the person I called my wife. Now, she is no where to be found with the kids. I want you all to help me fish out this wicked woman, so she give me my daughter before she destroys her life


2 out of 3 children not mine- Ijamakiwa Dayo



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