China vows to Step up Support for Spring Farming


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China says it will ramp up efforts to support spring agricultural production and ensure the safety of grains and indispensable non-staple food, the Xinhua-run China Securities Journal reported on Wednesday.

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A circular co-issued by China’s Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, said local departments should work together to jointly formulate the scheme to ensure smooth transportation of agricultural materials for spring plowing.


The circular proposed that local transport departments should fully cooperate with public security organisations to restore normal traffic order in a stable and orderly manner and ensure the smooth operation of the highway network.


“Besides, local agricultural and rural affair departments are to provide 24-hour emergency transportation telephone numbers for enterprises engaging in the production and circulation of agriculture materials.


“While local transportation departments should timely resolve related issues to ensure efficient supply of farming materials.’’


The circular also stressed that vehicles used for transportation of spring farming materials and agricultural machines and tools shall be prioritised and be exempted from highway charges.

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