Chinese Government Fires Buddhist Monk for Having Sex


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Al-Jazeera has reported that the Chinese Government has fired a top Buddhist Monk in the country for allegedly having sex with several nuns in his Monastery.

The prominent Chinese Buddhist monk with a large social media following numbering in the millions was removed as abbot of Beijing’s Longquan Monastery after he was accused of coercing several nuns to have sex with him.

The Top Buddhist Monk, a strong Communist Party member and former head of the Buddhist Association of China, was removed last week after allegations were written against him by several former monks at the monastery.

Chinese Authorities say the Buddhist Monk had been under criminal investigation since the two monks accused him of sexual and financial improprieties, including sending explicit text messages to at least six nuns as well as breaking Chinese financial rules at the monastery.

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The two Buddhist Monks sent a 95 page report to Chinese Authorities and also circulated same on Chinese social media accusing the Head of the Monastery of forcing Nuns to have sex with him through threats and coercion with at least four women giving in to the threats to have sex with him.

The top Buddhist Monk had told the women that having sex with him was an integral part of their Buddhist studies, according to the widely circulated report.

The Buddhist monks who wrote the report were kicked out of the monastery after the report broke on Chinese social media.

The man in the centre of the storm, Xuecheng who stepped down as head of the Buddhist association earlier this month has been largely silent about the entire sex and financial scandal surrounding his person; he had however posted a statement on Chinese Twitter-like Weibo service on August 1, rejecting the claims of sexual assaults leveled against him.

Beijing’s Longquan Monastery is known for combining Buddhism with modern technology as it launched a two-foot-high robot monk that dispenses mantras and karmic advice late last year.

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