Chinese Parents Shocked When their son is born with 15 Fingers and 16 Toes (Photos)


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A Chinese couple find themselves in quite the bind when they realized their son was born to them with 15 Fingers and 16 Toes.

The Daily Mail reports that the boy nicknamed Honghong has an incredible 31 fingers and toes.

The parents had gone for pre-natal scans due to fears that they would have a child with deformities as the mother suffers from polydactyly.

This condition where children are born with extra fingers or toes is extremely rare (1 in a 1000) but Honghong’s condition is even rarer still.

The parents are now looking desperately for a cure or medical attention.

Honghong has 8 toes each and 8 fingers on one hand and 7 on the other.

Liu Hong, a professor at Hunan Provincial People’s Hospital for Pediatric Orthopedics, told Honghong’s father Zou Chenglin that surgery will be extremely difficult.

The boy is currently too young for anaesthetics but he will need to undergo surgery between six months and a year before the bones set.

Unfortunately surgery is going to be very expensive and the patents don’t have the money for it.

The mother is quite dismayed as she’d done every possible test to see if the child would be born with deformities and they all came up negative.

The parents are currently trying to raise funds for the treatment of their son.

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