Why Chris Brown Was Ordered Off A Private Jet In Miami


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American Star, Chris Brown has had yet another run-in with the law as he was reportedly ordered off a private jet along with his crew for smoking marijuana.

The hip hop Artiste who just last week had another run in with the law over disturbance and complaints from neighbours for doing donut along with his friends on all-terrain vehicles (ATV) on the streets and a number of lawns including racing up and down the road at around 6pm.

According to TMZ, the Artiste was ordered off the jet when against the warning of the pilot, Chris and his crew lit up marijuana so much that the whole cabin was thick with its smell.

The pilot who called on the security operatives had to open all doors and windows before the jet was reusable.

Upon arrival of the police at the Signature Aviation at Miami International Airport on Monday, May 16, 2016, the police made everyone, including Chris Brown leave the plane as they could also smell marijuana.

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