Christian Chukwu Reveals How Money Is Killing Nigerian Football


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Former Super Eagles coach, Christian Chukwu has identified over-monetisation of football administration in Nigeria as the bane of development of the sport in Nigeria.

He said that over-monetisation has prevented real football technocrats, many of whom have no financial muscle, from getting involved in the process.

Chukwu, a former Green Eagles captain, made this known in an interview with The Guardian ahead of Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) board elections scheduled for September 20 in Katsina State.

Chukwu urged the NFF Electoral Committee to lower the cost of nomination forms to enable football technocrats participate in the process.

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He said, “Everything in Nigeria is money , otherwise there are technocrats who can contest and win votes in the elections.

“Now, people with little or no knowledge of football management are the ones contesting and winning positions on the board because they have the money to throw about .

“Beginning from the sales of form , how many people can afford to buy it ? Do you know how much they are selling the form for the president of the board and executive members ?
People like you and I cannot go close to it because we don’ t have the wherewithal .

“And if we cannot afford it , that means we cannot contest . ”

He also urged those involved in the electoral process to place the interest of the nation above pecuniary gains.

“Those that have the voting power should be open, free and fair – minded.

“But the problem here is that only the states FA chairmen, secretaries, coaches ’ association members, and few others are allowed to vote .

“I look forward to a time when people that understand the management of the sport would come forward for election because they have the tools to champion the growth of football in the country.

“There presence will have a spill over effect on every facet of this nation ’ s life,” Chukwu said.

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