Christianity, Social Media, Indoctrination and Social Psychology


For lots of individuals disinterested in Christianity, one word keeps coming up – indoctrination. They say Christianity indoctrinates people – making them unable to think critically, feel free, or reject things that don’t seem to make sense.

Indoctrination generally refers ‘to the process of teaching a person or group to accept a set of beliefs uncritically.’ But, thinking contemporaneously, there are diametrical indoctrinations, faraway from Christianity.

Those that social media platforms dictate how regularly they seek, share and shape information are indoctrinated by social media. Many of the people pointing fingers at Christianity, but cannot detach from social media, have a problem, not a genuine Christian – who voluntarily submitted to discipline and determination for Christ.

The critics will not acknowledge how social media continues to make them impulsive. They will not acknowledge how many times they lacked the courage to say what’s really on their mind because they already identified with certain cliques. 

They will also not say how much they feel bad for themselves, having to give opinions on useless information or to deceptively compliment others, though what they felt was envy. Genuine Christianity is no indoctrination.

Yes, some people may have made mistakes on how they believed others would be kept in Faith, but JESUS always said, come unto Him, He stands at the door: voluntary – completely.

It is possible to have issues with others because of one’s Christian Faith. It is also possible to take some steps that seem counterintuitive to others, but everything done – in submission to Christ, must be a decision by self, not because of what anyone said, or would see or think.

Psychology – that tries to give everything [mind and behaviour] a name – will not acknowledge that many of its potent therapies – directly or indirectly – exist in the Scriptures, including stories of those who took certain paths and their end.

So, this psychology, handicapped from solving several existing and emerging mind [and behaviour] issues says Christianity is indoctrination.

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Genuine Christianity provides matchless wisdom, hope and humility. Anyone can choose any science to worship, or any faith to accept, but nothing matches the Scriptures.  Also, nothing truly wise isn’t in the Scriptures, albeit many adopted without credit.

Several users of social media often complain about loneliness. But the Scriptures already showed that it is true Hope, through wisdom, existing in one’s heart that can help in times of trouble, or when everyone abandons. Knowing this, and feeling that Christ is with one, repels the not-good-enough [and anxiety] mirror that social media displays to many every day.

Social media favours conceit. Christianity insists on humility. Social media says do or say anything for acceptance. Christianity says do not conform to the world. Psychotherapy and psychiatry currently have no answer for social media addiction, smartphone obsession and internet compulsion.

But Christianity says contentment and looking unto JESUSAnyone is free to use social media, but those that are helplessly attached to it are wrong to say Christianity is indoctrination. True Christians are advised to intercede for others.

They are also expected to watch and pray all the time, asking for wisdom, hope, humility, the joy of salvation, understanding and grace for discipline, and determination.

They should are also to remember that: 

Psalm 147:5, Great [is] our LORD, and of Great Power: His Understanding [is] Infinite.”

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