CNN Adverts: Dangote, Globacom must be punished- Bode George


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Bode George has called out Owners and Managers of Nigeria-based companies such as Globacom, Dangote group whose products and services are meant for Nigerians but still advertise with Foreign media CNN, as shameless people looking to gratify their ego.

The former Deputy National Chairman of the PDP, Bode George made this known in an interview with Daily Independent.

According to him, companies should stop squandering money to Foreign media such as CNN, in the name of advertisement.

The former PDP National Chairman argued that the adverts which could be broadcast as many as 10 times a day on CNN, where viewers require no need for them, was an absolute waste of money.

This is because these countries pay for the adverts in foreign currency whereas most of their consumers are local. Chief George says he sees jo reason where a Nigerian-baswd Telecommunications has to advertise with  CNN since their subscribers are Local.

In Chief Olabode George’s words “ Every day, go to see CNN, you see major Nigerian companies advertising. You see them showing juju music adverts on CNN advertising Globacom.

“What has Globacom advert got to do with CNN that is being shown all over the world? Are they using Glo network in Europe or South America?”

“ If these adverts are being shown on local television stations, I can understand. I was with my friend in Europe and he showed me Glo advert on CNN. Also, Aliko Dangote whose products are being consumed here will be advertising on CNN a minimum of 10 times a day.

“Who are they trying to impress? That money they are throwing at CNN in the name of needless adverts will send a lot of younger people into good lives here in Nigeria either through job creation, or support for education or skills acquisition”.

“Those adverts on CNN is a waste of money because that money they are frittering away was generated here in Nigeria. It’s so demeaning. It doesn’t make any economic, political or human sense. What is FIRS doing on this? Why can’t Fowler take action? What is CBN doing about this? For all these adverts, do you think they pay in Naira?”

“ ABSA bank in South Africa, their capital base is bigger than all our banks in Nigeria put together. Have you seen them running adverts on CNN? What is going on here? What is this ego trip for nothing? Are we the only country in the world?”

“Instead of wasting this money on needless adverts on CNN, they should use this money to get a 5G network and improve the useless services we are getting. I have tried to call the owner that what has these adverts got to do with the whites that you are showing it on CNN and everybody sees it all over the world, even where the network is not being used? Do they have the network there?”

“If they don’t know what to do with the money, they should return it to the government to set up things of benefits for the people in the name of the donor organisation.

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“The government must clamp down on them. if they spend one dollar for any advert on international media, another extra dollar will go to supporting skill acquisition in Nigeria”.

“The government must enforce it. That money they are throwing away in the name of foreign adverts are generated in this country” he stated

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