Comedian Gbenga Adeyinka responds to Senator Yerima’s Child Marriage defense comments #childnotbride


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Many Nigerians are unsettled are unsettled about comments passed by Senator Ahmed Yerima, in which he stated he could give away his own daughter away in marriage as early as at the age of six.

The comments were made by the Senator in order to calm the outrage expressed by Nigerians from all ethnic, religious and social background as he tries to get his colleague to pass a child marriage bill into law.

Gbenga Adeyinka, a comedian, had the following to say in response to the Senator’s latest statements:

“Good people, so sorry to disturb you this rainy afternoon. I just read the response from a truly sick Senator Ahmed Yerima, A second time governor, A two term senator and truly a  pervert trying to justify Child Marriage.

“He says that child marriage is a solution to abortion and prostitution. I guess it also must be a solution to Embezzlement, Bad leadership, Insecurity and all the other problems that he and his type have heaped on our nation since independence.

“If it is not that I was brought up not to insult adults, I would have called him a sorry excuse of a human being and a waste of his father’s sperm but I will not.

“I will only end this by telling him that nothing he says can ever justify marrying a baby as a wife, even if he claims they don’t sleep with them at a young age.

“Since he likes Egypt so much, I will end this by praying that may the fleas of a thousand Egyptian Camels infest his pubic area and armpit.”

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  1. Rt.Hon. Akhabue says

    God bless U Yinka, well he is indeed an excuse for a sane man! Dey ovbiously need young gals for dier fetish reason…. I am still trying to digest why Senator Ugbesia represnting my senatorial district support d bill…. An elder in a church, Esan men don’t marry babies we marry adults…so I wish Ugbesia can be recalled! He is a disgrace to Esan Nation and to manhood……smh

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