Comedy Industry Needs Annual Budgetary Grant From Govt – Buchi


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One of the nations numerous comedians, Buchi, has urged government at all levels to support the comedy industry through annual budgetary grants to the sector.

The entertainer, who spoke in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos on Wednesday, said that such a grant would provide a launching pad for budding entertainers to thrive.

He said that it was very difficult for upcoming comedians to find their feet in a very competitive industry that was still at its nascent stage.

Buchi commended the well-established comedians for supporting their budding colleagues to again recognition.

He said: “For us, comedy shows are like contribution, everybody will gather together; you can’t charge me, when it reaches my turn, when I call you, you will come.

“You know in contribution, everybody will pay, pay and pay; if it is your turn to collect, you will collect; we will like musicians who will charge each other for collaboration.

“I don’t think there’s any comedian that really charges any comedian to do shows.

“You know the comedy industry, at least, it is now called an industry; it is an industry now, it is still very small, so all we do is support and show love, because, that’s the only way we can grow.

“Comedy is still the only show that we don’t have the government body coming in to really support, you see Lagos State doing shows with musicians, doing shows with theatre, with actors, but not really with comedians.

“Not just Lagos State, even federal; so, I’m saying, if they can take us to the next level by coming in.

“Let it be an initiative of government so that they will help us well.

“Let them put it as part of their budget, comedy shows for the year, say how much we go use?

“You know that is one step, and of course, we will just keep doing shows.’’

NAN reports that Buchi, whose real name is Onyebuchi Ojieh, is a trained lawyer from Delta State, who made his debut in the nation’s comedy scene in 2008. (NAN

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