Complaints Arise as Transgender Females Are Allowed to Compete With Girls in Female Sports


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An investigation has been opened by the department of Education office for civil rights into the state of Connecticut which allows transgender (males who changed to females) compete in female oriented sports.

In March, House speaker Nancy Pelosi introduced HR5, the Equity Act, a bill that would add “Sexual orientation “and “Gender identity” as protected classes under federal civil rights law.

This policy allows all athletes irrespective of their biological sex to participate in boys and girls sports according to the gender they identify with. This means that if a boy originally born as a male chooses to change to a female, this transgender female is allowed to compete in the female sports irrespective of their biological sex.

The three high school girls who are pursuing this complaint, described this act as being disadvantageous to those female athletes originally given birth to as females, as they now compete against transgender females in female oriented sports.

These three high school girls stated that transgender females are more at an advantage when competing in female sports because they where born as males, which means even tho they altered their physical appearance, their masculine nature  gives them an advantage over biologically born females.

Selina Soule, one of the three high school girls, who chose to speak up, had earlier this year missed qualifying for the 55-meter dash in the New Zealand regionals. The first and second position was won by two transgender females (biologically given birth to as males). She stated that if the transgender females had not participated, Soule would have qualified for the regionals, as documented in a May video report by Daily Signals Kelsey Bolar.

Selina Soule, a 16-year-old runner from Glastonbury, Connecticut, shares what it’s like being forced to compete against biological boys. (Photo: The Daily Signal)

This has resulted in further investigation into the Connecticut inter scholastic athletic conference and the Glastonbury School district for alleged retaliation against a few parents and their daughters for complaining about the transgender policy.

Christiana Holcomb, a legal counsel with the non profit said “ Girls like Selina should never be forced to be spectators in their own sports, but unfortunately, that is exactly what is taking place when you allow biological males turned transgender females to compete in sports that have been set aside and specifically designed for women like Selina”. 

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