Confession: I Don’t Feel Bad After Killing Because it’s A Job – 20 Year Old Killer


A young lady, a serial killer has been paraded by the Nigeria Police in Lagos. The 20-year-old who gave her name as Mariam Abiola confessed to the crime and said that she never felt remorseful whenever she killed any person because she sees it as a job which she get’s her pay from.

According to news report, Mariam confessed on Monday that she belonged to the ‘eiye’ brotherhood. She was paraded alongside other alleged members of the same fraternity at the state police command in Ikeja.

News report further stated that the 20 year old cultist collects N10,000 for each murder she commits and added that she murders their opponents without any charge. Mariam also told news men that she left her native home in Abeokuta, Ogun state in order to make ends meet in Lagos state but unfortunately, she was lured into joining a confraternity by one Mr. Sodiq.

She said: I left Abeokuta for Lagos so I can get a job but I met Sodiq when I arrived Lagos and he took me to his house and initiated me into the cult’’.



Mariam Abiola
Mariam Abiola the Killer

‘’Sodiq asked me to follow him to a native doctor and I was given a black concoction to swallow. After that, he explained to me that the job he will give me is about killing people. He then taught me how to shoot a gun. I got instructions on how to go for executions after the three of us were given guns and photos of our targets. I am the only girl among two boys.

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‘’I have so far murdered up to five persons. Whenever I prepare to go kill, I do put on a white clothes. Before then, I will know where the target lives; I do go there at night. The two boys who accompany me will go through the fence and help me open the gate. All of us will then go into the house and shoot the person to death.

‘’We made sure that they don’t survive our attack. I remembered murdering one young man around Ajah and another person in Fadeyi, Lagos. Anytime we successfully kill anybody, Sodiq pays me N10,000 and pay the boys N20,000. For me, I don’t see anything bad in killing people because it is my job and I get paid for it’’.

However, the Commissioner of Police for Lagos State said that the cultists will face court charges.

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