Pot of gold: cooking pot that costs half a million – pictures

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A cooking pot that costs more than a plot of land in some locations? Wonder no more as twitter user Tomiwa Talabi shared pictures of cooking pots that costs over N400,000.

Cooking pots
The almost half a million pot.
Cooking pots
More pictures

Herald.ng dug deeper to verify that claim and indeed, cooking wares of such outrageous amount and even costlier ones abound for those who have the money to splash.

The cookware is a premium American brand called “Saladmaster”. Its made of titanium, one of the purest forms of metal that does not affect food taste and chemistry

Cooking pots
The value of the pots in foreign currency

Just like BMW, Mercedes, Ferrari, and other high value premium products, its for high net worth people who can afford it.

It comes in sets as there are some sets that costs over a million naira but its totally worth having if you one afford it.

According to research, one can actually use the cookware to fry chicken without oil, or stew without water. Sounds like sorcery right?

Even some foods like yam can be prepared without water as the pot boils with vapour thereby preserving all the nutrients.

The cookware is calibrated to boil food not above a certain degree, if the heat is much it notifies the cook to come reduce the heat from the cooker.

This helps preserves nutrients in food that can easily be destroyed by water.

The complete set of these cooking wares cost a whopping N5 million and more. And the pieces of the pots cost over N450,000

One can argue that it is crazy amount to pay for cooking pots, but for the rich who have health challenges, it is worth a shot as they use what they have to get what they need.

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