Coronavirus: Nigerians slam Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey for cancelling 6-month Africa trip


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Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey may have lost many a friend and admirer in Africa for cancelling a planned visit to the continent.

Dorsey named concerns over coronavirus for the cancellation. In 2019, he said he could spend between three and six months on the continent, although he didn’t state which country.

Recall that he was in Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia, and South Africa for most of November.

But speaking at a conference in San Francisco on Thursday, the Twitter boss said, “I had been working on my plans where I’d work decentralised, as my team and I do when we travel, but in light of COVID-19 and everything else going on I need to reevaluate.”

However, the announcement has angered many admirers of the techpreneur, who had looked forward to seeing him in Africa.

Taking to social media on Wednesday, Nigerian media personality, Kayode Ogundamisi described Dorsey’s excuse for opting out of the trip as lame.

He wrote, “He’s 1000000 times more likely to encounter #coronavirus in the West than in Africa, but good luck to him.

“He just found an opportunity to slide out from a promise he made without thinking.”

Backing Ogundamisi, Seyi Akinseloyin wrote, “My thought exactly. Made the promise in the frenzy/euphoria of the moment.”

Another commenter, Debs wrote, “I mean the virus is barely in Africa but if he does have it, I’d appreciate it if he stayed away from the motherland.”

Sarah Traugott stated, “Aren’t there like fewer cases of covid19 in Africa than on the West Coast of the US?”

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Ben Strange noted, “Hello, doesn’t @jack check his feed? Thus far, Africa is relatively unscathed, although most likely temporarily so.”

A Kenyan, Janet Ngugi added, “Wow.. the confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Africa are almost negligible compared to the rest of the world. This is – if you go by the data – probably the safest place for anyone to be in right now.”


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