Court Threatens IG of Police with Imprisonment over Illegal Detention

Tony Abu Momoh
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Court Threatens IG of Police with Imprisonment over Illegal Detention

The Inspector General of Police has been threatened with contempt of court proceedings against him by a Kwara State High Court sitting in Ilorin the Kwara state capital.

The threat was issued due to police disobedience of its order to release the personal assistant on political matters to the governor of Kwara State Mr. Olalekan Alabi who is being held on account of the bloody Offa Bank robbery.

The document signed by the court registrar and addressed to the inspector general of police was contained in a ‘Notice of Consequences of Disobedience of Order of Court (Form 48)’ dated August 10, 2018.

The document read, “Take notice that unless you obey the directions contained in the order of the High Court of Justice of Kwara State delivered on the 1st of August 2018, you will be guilty of contempt of court and will be liable to be committed to prison.”

The special assistant to the Kwara state governor had been in the custody of the police since 30th of May after being arrested for allegedly having a connection with the armed robbers who carried out an attack on several banks in Offa town.

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Mr. Alabi had been granted an interim bail on August 1, by Justice Ibrahim Yusuf of the Kwara State High Court after declaring that his continued detention was illegal and not justifiable.

Justice Yusuf held firmly to the view that the police had failed to justify why they have kept Mr. Alabi in detention for more than two months.

The police however refused to release the Special Assistant despite the court’s pronouncement which has prompted the threat of contempt proceedings against the inspector general of police.

The police had also insisted that the Senate President Bukola Saraki had a case to answer in the matter and had issued an invite to the Senate President to its force headquarters in Abuja to answer questions regarding his involvement.

The senate president on his own part however dismissed the invitation saying the charges were trumped up and politically motivated by the executive arm of government against him.

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