COVID-19 Not Connnected To China 5G Network -CDD


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The Centre for Democracy and Development, CDD has debunked speculations connecting COVID-19 pandemic with the new 5G network.


The jury of public opinion, particularly on facebook, have incessantly shared posts insisting that the 5G network, not COVID-19, is making people sick and killing them also, PUNCH reported.


The CDD, in a statement, said:

“As the coronavirus pandemic sweeps through the world, fact-checkers at the Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD) have been on their toes, exposing unfounded claims over its origin, spread among many others.


“An example of such claims and conspiracy theory which has gained traction online is link between the new 5G network and Coronavirus (COVID 19).


“Concerning the spread of the novel COVID-19, the WHO and the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) have maintained the virus might have been contracted from animals before its person-to-person spread. There is no scientific connection between the introduction or installation of 5G network and the Coronavirus pandemic.


“Furthermore, not one Nigerian network provider is transmitting on the 5G network as the government is yet to issue a licence to any of them to do so.”


The jury, conspiracy theorist have also insisted that a link exists between the outbreak of COVID-19 in China and the timely release of the 5G network.


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However reports claim that the 5G network installed by China is the sub-6 GHz type which other networks like 4G, 3G and even microwaves use for many years.

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