Covid-19: Private Organisations in Lagos Refuse to Shutdown


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Private organisations in Lagos, one of the worst affected Covid-19 states in Nigeria have refused to ask their workers to work from home despite the growing threat from the virus.

Federal and State governments in Nigeria have asked most of their workers to self-isolate and work from home for the next two weeks in order to contain the spread of Covid-19 in the country

Private firms in the affected areas however are refusing to follow this example set by government.

As the number of infected people increased, the Lagos State Government banned public gatherings including bars, clubs and religious houses.

The State Government further asked most of its civil servants (grade level 12 and below) to work from home for the next two weeks while it also banned gatherings of more than 20 people in a space.

The Oyo state government followed this example while the Federal Government only asked it’s workers from grade level 12 and below to also work from home effective Tuesday March 24.

Nigerians spoke out against government officials and religious figures who ignored the restrictions last week and went ahead with events where more than 30 people were present.

The Lagos state government also enforced it’s ban on religious gatherings on Sunday as it shut down churches that had their own services.

While the number of people Infected with Covid-19 in Nigeria stands at 40 presently, private firms like Palmcredit, Opay and Transsnet Financials all located around the Ikeja axis of Lagos refuse to let employees work from home.

Each organisation hosts well above 30 people at a time in small spaces.

For example Opay has nearly 1000 people working at the same time while Transsnet has 700.

According to some members of staff, the management of these firms have refused repeated requests for staff to work from home while those who stay away are assumed to be on official leave.

The Covid-19 pandemic is currently ravaging Europe, the United States and parts of Asia with the number of cases in Africa jumping significantly in the last few days.

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In Africa, Egypt and South Africa remain the worst hit countries followed by Nigeria with more than 1400 Covid-19 cases on the continent and two deaths.

Italy, UK, and France are having the worst of it in Europe, with nearly 6000 dead in Italy alone and 11000 infected in the UK.

Private organisations need to follow the examples of Federal and State governments and take precautions now.

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