Crackdown on Non-Fasting Muslims underway In Kano


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The religious police on Kano called the Hisbah have been on the lookout for those who are refusing to fast.

This is the Holy month of Ramadan when Muslims all over the world are supposed to fast and keep themselves Holy.

DW’s Nasir Zango reports that those found wanting could be caned in public.

The Hisbah have already arrested a lot of people due to this as they strive to compel the upholding of the Pillars of Islam.

Since the beginning of the Ramadan period, the Hisbah have been placed in strategic places on the lookout for those who flout the rules of Ramadan.

Once caught, they are interrogated and then sentenced according to the law.

Deputy Commandant of Kano’s Hisbahm, Nabahani Usman said, “We hold them at Hisbah for at least two days to teach them the importance of fasting,

“We deem it fit and necessary to ensure that every Muslim in Kano State observe Ramadan. We have a report of people who are not complying with this important pillar of Islam; hence we mobilize our men to arrest them,”


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