Crying Commissioner – Nigerians mock Kogi Comm. for weeping over looted palliatives

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Kogi Commissioner, Saka Haruna Audu has been reduced to a laughing stock after he broke down in tears during a Press conference.

Kogi Commissioner for Health, Saka Audu is trending on Twitter for crying profusely while addressing stakeholders.

According to Saka, the state will never be able to recover from the loss recorded following the excessive looting of government offices and palliatives.


Recounting the losses of the vandalism of medical centres, Saka’s voice got choked with tears in the middle of his address.

However, officers standing beside him pacified him till he regained composure to conclude his speech.

The video has attracted funny reactions from citizens who accused the Commissoner of playing theatrics to gain public sympathy.


Here are some reactions culled from Twitter;


😂😂😂😂They’ve turned the whole thing to acting. What is this one again? Kogi state commissioner sheds premium tears as he addresses the press and lets us know the damage done will be “difficult to recover from.”

HAY GOD!!! Our politicians have gone mad. Who will lead us bayi?


Kogi State is a comedy show. I have never laughed as hard as this in 2020. This commissioner has quietly told the people not to expect any repairs by government.


Ko wa ye mi mo o, I don’t understand again 😂😂😂😂Na country b dis or school of theatre art



Just add Fashola and Desmond Elliot here then we have a full blockbuster directed by TrikyTee


He’s even crying with glasses on. I need to learn this super power from him because how is that even possible?🤣🤣


Anywhere you see me please do hug me.
Buhari is my President
Yahaya Bello is my governor
And this 🤡 is my Health commissioner


There are a lot of competent Nollywood actors holding public offices in this Country😓🤦


Those behind him are trying to laugh cuz they never esperit,🤣🤣🤣


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