Cuban Govt. seeks Nigeria’s assistance in resolving economic, political blockage


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The Cuban Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr Carlos Sosa has appealed to the Nigerian government to prevail on the U.S.A. and international community to reverse all economic and political blockage against Cuba.

Sosa made the call in Abuja on Friday at a media interactive session.

He also called on the Nigerian government to support Cuba in the removal of restrictions on the remittances that Cuban Americans in the U.S. send to their families in Cuba.

The envoy pleaded with the US government under President Donald Trump to lift the blockade.

According to him, the blockade is the most unjust, severe and longest standing unilateral sanctions system ever imposed against any country.

“The most harmful effects caused by the blockade against the Cuban people were difficulties to acquire in the US markets the medicines, reagents, spare parts for diagnosis of equipment and other inputs needed in the health sector.

“ The policy is unfair, illegal and genocide against the people of Cuba and so we think it’s time to reverse the policy,” he said.

The envoy called for the reinstatement of the 60 per cent diplomatic staff from the US embassy from Cuba.

He called for the restoration of the limits on the amount of rum and cigars that American travellers can bring home from Cuba.

He explained that the trade embargo imposed on the country by the United States of America had caused severe economic damage in the area of health, finances, agriculture, education, and construction among others.

He said the US government under former President Barrack Obama enforced positive measures aimed at modifying the implementation of some aspects of the blockade in areas like travel, telecommunications, trade, remittances and finances.

Sosa disclosed that those steps were now being reversed under the Trump administration.

“On June 16, 2017 US President Donald Trump signed the National Security Presidential Memorandum of Strengthening the Policy of the US towards Cuba.

“Despite all the lifting of ban from previous administration on Cuba, nothing has happened.

According to him, this directive establishes a new policy that proclaims as one of its main objectives the tightening of the blockade against the island.

He, however, said Cuba and its people were confident that this year the international community once again would support them in their legitimate call for an end to the blockade.

“Lifting of the blockade is the most important thing in the Cuban foreign policy because of its impact on development,” he said.

Sosa, however, thanked the Nigerian government for her role in extending the brotherly support for the past 26 years.

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