Cyprus Sends Back 81 People To Lebanon In New Migration Wave

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Cyprus sent back 81 migrants to the northern port city of Tripoli, in Lebanon, after they tried to illegally enter its territories, a provincial official told dpa on Wednesday.

“The Cypriot authorities returned the people on Tuesday. They were Syrian and Lebanese people who left the area of al-Mina [in Tripoli] to try to enter Cyprus illegally,” said Iman al-Rafei, secretary general of the crisis department at the Northern Lebanon Province.

She added that women and children were part of the group.

Al-Rafei said that Covid-19 tests are being carried out before the people are sent back to their homes.

The state-run Lebanese National News Agency said earlier this week that a Cypriot delegation is scheduled to head to Beirut to discuss ways to stop boats trafficking migrants from Lebanon to Cyprus.

The deteriorating Lebanese economic situation and the August 4 blast at Beirut’s port – which killed more than 190 people and wounded some 6,000 others – have prompted many Lebanese to try to find ways to leave the country to look for opportunities outside.

On Tuesday, Cyprus sent 45 migrants back hours after their arrival.

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On Sunday and Monday, Cyprus had already rejected 114 people, according to a report by state broadcaster RIK.

Cyprus’ Interior Minister Nikos Nouris told broadcaster Sigma on Monday evening that Lebanon was considered a safe third-country.

Lebanon is witnessing its worst economic crisis since the 1975-1990 civil war ended and has been rocked by nationwide anti-government protests since October.

Protesters demand the removal of the ruling elite, which they accuse of mismanagement and corruption. (dpa/NAN)

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