Daddy Freeze, D’banj and Nairaland’s Toxic Comments


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The tragic loss of the little son of D’banj revealed what some people are really about. Their hideous comments, everywhere, from Nairaland to Twitter to Instagram and on blogs, tells more about how some people feel about their world.

For them, the family is totally at fault for the loss and they hurled all kinds of hate against the man and the family. It would be too stupid to think that some of what some people suggested had not been cautiously undertaken by the family – even though not obvious. And one can never be 100% sure of any particular precaution.

Could they have done better? Yes. But does this episode show a pattern with our current world too? Yes. The world we now live is so much unforgiving, you cannot make any mistake, there are people waiting to blame and put others to shame. There are those who are so sure that for others in certain positions, anything they think is possible in that position should exactly be possible.

Many offer straight and the simplest answers; if you are here, this should be possible. If you go there, you should be able to get this done, etc. Yes, sometimes, it could be, but experiences differ for people no matter the situation; but, to online judges – you are not sharp.

Nairaland gave Daddy Freeze all his major ideas

Nairaland has been a part of Nigeria’s internet from time, predating the explosion of social media. Nairaland is a forum people go for different reasons and many have found advice, work, etc., via the platform. But Nairaland sometimes is home to the vilest comments they are, even on issues that are not so general.

Nairaland is arguably the source of Daddy Freeze’s hate for Churches and Pastors. All his major positions against Churches had been espoused on Nairaland for years. He has not exactly taken any original position that was not somewhere on Nairaland – previously. He amplified many of those comments and criticisms of Churches and Pastors from Nairaland, and still gets many of what he posts from there, or maybe it appears on Nairaland first, in the exact same thinking and shows up on Daddy Freeze’s posts. Who knows?

There are also cases of this too, on Twitter and Instagram, where posts are seen first, and Daddy Freeze steals it, without credit to those helping him to think. Outside his major positions from Nairaland on Churches, Daddy Freeze often engages in sham wisdom or cheap thinking. When Nigeria lost to Croatia, why did Super Eagles pray? When they won against Iceland, Musa is not a Christian.

Funny also how it is that some of his supporters were on the list of those who blamed D’banj’s family for the loss of the boy. Maybe Daddy Freeze is only taking his time; he would probably use some of their points, on the loss of D’banj’s son, later on. We’ll see.

Churches are not the problem of Nigeria

Churches are not hindering anything good in Nigeria. Giving or going to Church is a personal decision and voluntary. There are several true Churches and Pastors in Nigeria. There are also several good things Churches do in the lives of many that no one knows about. Churches are not supposed to develop the country. If Nigeria is serious and wants to develop you would know. Since it is not, hate experts are at work blaming Churches for problems unconnected to them.

Everyone easily says Nigeria has made Christianity bad, no, not true. But on other things, maybe yes: for example bogus courage. Courage against causes that have no effect on development, or causes you think are for everyone, but actually for the pocket of the galvanizer. Several activists go into government only to become complicit to government shenanigans. How about those?

How about accountability? Government have found a way to be transparent and accountable, where they are showing green and everything seem green, but it is actually red. How about innovation, or education, where what they are or mean in places we got them from are different from what is obtainable in Nigeria.

How about development? Nigeria is underdeveloped, most of the projects and activities have no connection to real development. But, to fake development and noise, yes. There is still no electricity almost everywhere. Some neighborhoods have to dry cables after rain falls. Some have standing transformer issues, and electricity is hardly constant. What are the solutions? Maybe we ask Daddy Freeze. Because to him Churches are the reason why poverty is abundant in Nigeria, so he can be asked if Churches are responsible for electricity failures as well.

Faith and Hope are the major reasons why people genuinely go to Church, and they do so in recognition of the Author and Finisher of their Faith – not for the Pastor. In his statement, D’banj expressed “Trying Times. But my God is Always and Forever Faithful” showing Faith and Hope – at this difficult time for himself and his family. For D’banj, his family and those who sincerely mourned with them, this is obviously an appropriate prayer: [Psalm 25:2 O my God, I trust in thee: let me not be ashamed, let not mine enemies triumph over me.]

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