Daddy Freeze Reacts to Viral Prophecy Predicting Lagos Tanker Explosion


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Following the tragic incident of yesterday when a fuel tanker exploded in Lagos claiming many lives and millions of Naira in property, a Whatsapp message which features a pastor predicting tragic incidents.

Free the Sheeple head and controversial OAP, Daddy Freeze has come out to counter the claims made in the message.

Many Nigerians are of the opinion that this message predicted yesterday’s explosion, a point of view that Freeze disagrees with this notion stating that the ‘prophecy’ is a bit too vague to be seriously reckoned with.

He posted this message on his Instagram page stating:

”I listened to that bescumbered broadcast bereft of spirituality and with no recourse to God.

Yet I know that with the problems Nigeria is facing, combined with our gullibility for ‘men of god’ whoever made those predictions is now fast on his way to becoming a ‘god’ himself.

The first set of dates he mentioned are 23rd June, 28 of June, 12th of July 24th of July, 30th of July and 1st of August.

His exact words were “These dates I have mentioned do not travel out of lagos using the following transport….” and he proceeded to mention names of transport companies, claiming they were marked for blood.?

Before you guys start jumping and lapping this shit up, let me ask you; does this look like a prediction for Saturday’s Plateau massacre or yesterday’s tanker explosion? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

He clearly mentioned transport companies going out of Lagos, listen to the audio clearly without sentiment or emotion and you will see what I’m sayin.

Yesterday’s disaster involved a tanker and vehicles within Lagos going about their normal activities on a Thursday, NOT LUXURIOUS BUSSES GOING OUT OF LAGOS that were ‘marked for blood’?

Nigeria has become so hungry for prophets that we jump at anything with spiritual semblance without analyzing what they are saying critically.

Before you leap and start believing anything, drop your emotions, prejudices, sentiments and inbred gullibility on the floor and listen again, this time carefully!

P.S. If I owned any of those companies he mentioned I will sue his ass for billions! ~FRZ

Listen to the message below

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