Dame plays blame game: Pins Rivers crises on State elders


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The wife of President Goodluck Jonathan in a statement released through her spokesman Ayo Osinlu has called on the warring political factions in the state to sheathe their swords in the interest of the “innocent women and children” in the state who she said would be the victims of the crises.

She also faulted unnamed parties who she described as “otherwise respected elders” as contributors to the mayhem in the state.

The statement read, “We therefore call on elders of the state to position themselves appropriately in the circumstances, and continue to seek the highest good of Rivers State and its people, by stone-walling the activities of the few, who would rather fan little embers into a consuming inferno.

“Recent experience whereby certain otherwise respected elders of the country, both from within and outside Rivers State, were canvassing views that seemed to intensify the heat in Rivers State, is certainly unfortunate.”



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