Dance Guild lauds SPAN’s contributions to entertainment industry


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The Dance Guild of Nigeria (GOND) has commended the Society of Performing Arts in Nigeria (SPAN)’s initiative aimed at unifying, promoting and rewarding up-and-coming as well as established dance talents through the annual SPANFest.

GOND’s National president, Adedayo Liadi, gave the commendation at the closing of 2017 SPANFest adding that the society’s contribution to promote arts and culture had brought about a platform of economic empowerment.

“This is the beginning of another beginning.

“SPAN has come up with something totally new and different and which I feel our government and more corporate bodies must support.

“SPAN is really not getting the government’s support as I think and the Chairperson, Sarah Boulous has taken it upon herself to do it all and we really need to support her with everything.

“I would say congratulations to her.

Laidi continued “ Sarah is also really supporting GOND in different ways in all our projects and as far as I am concerned we are beginning to attain a new height in terms of dance and stage performance in the country.

“The door is beginning to be opened by SPAN, and we need to appreciate the group for that.

“We need to appreciate and encourage these young dancers and let them know that they are doing something good and wonderful.

“GOND is part of the SPAN festival both at the state and national chapters, that is why I am here.

“We encouraged all the dancers to be part of this. Eighty percent of dancers that featured in SPANFest are from GOND and we are taking it to the next level, “he said.

Liadi also advised parents not to discourage their children from taking to dancing as a profession, adding that dancing is a `big time business’.

“Dance is now a lucrative business; most of these dancers drive their own cars and built their own personal houses, we don’t need to be shouting and making noise about it, dance is coming up.

“It’s just that our government at the moment is not seeing it as a business but we will continue like this until they discover that this is a real business, “he said.

NAN reports that several dance groups entertained the guests to conclude the weeklong programme.

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