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Dangote: ‘I Need A New Wife’, Nigerians Respond

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Aliko Dangote, the worlds richest black man, in a recent interview with David Piling in a Financial Times interview, Lunch with FT, revealed his ambitions of finding a new wife to the surprise and delight of many Nigerians.

There has been an immediate reaction on social media and on online blog sites with enthusiastic social media users applying for the position them self with some even going so far as to offer up their sister or a relative.

Others have looked at the pronouncement with disdain and suspicion saying their must be a reason Dangote’s last wife fled, and any potential spouse should be wary.

Either way, a position as a wife to Africa’s Richest man is too much of a lucrative opportunity for most single ladies out there, with one man even mentioning he would not mind having a sex change in order to fill the spot.

Read responses from social media users below:

God please I need this man.
Age is nothing but a number..
Where can I apply.

These are my qualities:
Good cook


Baba for the girls. Every single lady will apply.

I need a picture to illustrate how all the slay mamas in Nigeria will be feeling now grin

Baba will receive nudes taya from today. Don’t trust these girls


Sir can I apply for my sister because she’s not online now… She already has four years marriage experience, I already filled in for divorce on her behalf ever since your vacancy came up.




Honestly and sincerely speaking… this is the time in my life I’m questioning God why I wasn’t created as a womangrin chai.
Transplant here I come


Omg! I knew it! I just knew it! All these Hausa words that have been falling on my tongue is cos I’m about to marry a Hausa bobo…awwww grin grin grin grin grin My bobo Dangote o cool

thunderbabs: Even me a boy will apply..

can we know the reasons why the first wife couldn’t stay and the second wife couldn’t stay despite all the money and influence… its either baba is giving them anal with that his uncircumcised dogoyaro abunna (prick) or he is using them to renew his charms… something is not adding up… the more you look the less you see


See Screenshots Below:








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