Dapchi Kidnapping: How School Principal Prevented a Massacre


The tentative figure of a hundred and five is the number being peddled to represent the number of students missing from Government Girls Science Technical College, Dapchi, Yobe State.

According to the Nation, this number could have been more and instead of kidnap, it could have been death. But for the quick action of the school’s principal, many lives could have been lost.

The Nation reports that the Principal heard gunshots and suspecting what could happen quickly ordered his 926 students home to safety.

The suspected terrorists were said to have struck around 7pm.

According to the Nation’s sources, a detailed report has been submitted to the government.

“A preliminary report indicated that the suspected insurgents stormed the school between 7pm and 8pm in military camouflage,” one of the sources said.

“They were suspected to have been lurking around in disguise with the ultimate target of striking at night in the college.

“Upon hearing of gunshots heralding their coming, the principal suspected that something was amiss in Dapchi. To prevent a reoccurrence of the massacre at the Federal Government College, Buni Yadi, he quickly asked the girls  to go home. They quickly vacated the school.

“This was why it was possible for most of the 926 girls to escape. Actually by the time the insurgents stormed the school, it was empty.

“But it is not impossible that the insurgents accosted some of the girls while scampering to safety through different paths.

“From the school’s  account, the principal took the steps to avoid the girls being slaughtered because security was limited to school guards who cannot confront the insurgents,” the source said.

It was learnt that the military is doing everything it can– including combing Sambisa forest– for the girls.

“We are leaving all options open in locating the girls who by our profile are rated as ‘unaccounted.’ said the source

“The principal and the school management have been given time till Monday to reach out to parents to compile the list and determine if or not their wards have not been located.”

No one is quite sure which terrorist group is responsible as the source said “No insurgent group has admitted abducting the girls and none reached out to the government.  Wherever such a claim of ransom is coming from, we will screen or verify the source,”

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